What are the benefits of a website redesign?

If you are wondering how to plan a redesign of your website, you’re in the right place.

Your website sits at the intersection of your business environment and technology – and both of these are in constant flux, therefore website redesigns are inevitable. Your clients and customers interact with sophisticated, modern and intuitive websites every day, be it social media, e-commerce or news, and their standards have evolved with those platforms. If your site isn’t current, it may signal to the user that your company is outdated. You don’t want your business to be successful in spite of your website, you want your website to be propelling your business upward.

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The Cost of Website Maintenance Explained

Once you build your website, you’re done, and it takes care of itself, right?  WRONG! Website owners also have to face the cost of maintenance.

There are two main types of website maintenance.

  1. The first is maintaining the integrity of the website code – the code that allows your website to display and function.
  2. The second type of maintenance is the regular updates to your website content.

Plugins, extensions, and your website framework (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.) need to be updated in order to reduce bugs and hacking.

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